How can we serve you?  At Zeal we offer several popular services carefully designed to help people learn to think, trade, and thrive like contrarians.  They will greatly help you grow your financial-market knowledge, wisdom, and confidence.  Learning how to fight prevailing sentiment to actually buy low then sell high contrary to the thundering herd will ultimately lead you to multiply your wealth through profitable real-world trades.


Zeal Web Essays  Midday every Friday, we publish comprehensive web essays discussing our latest research in some relevant financial-market topic.  Available free of charge, these essays will help you start cultivating that essential contrarian perspective necessary for achieving market success.  Their focus is usually longer-term, using our vast experience and market history to highlight ongoing tradable trends and likely reversals.


Zeal Intelligence Monthly Newsletter  Our very-affordable flagship newsletter applies our research and knowledge directly to today's markets.  It carefully analyzes all notable market-moving news each month, and weaves all that noise into a coherent and often-tradable whole.  Zeal Intelligence will help you understand what's going on in the markets, why, and how to trade them with specific stocks as good opportunities arise.


Zeal Speculator Weekly Newsletter  Our weekly newsletter offers a more-frequent higher-resolution read on current market conditions.  It deeply studies intraday sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals moving key markets including stocks, commodities, and currencies.  Understanding the causal chain of market events, analyzed based on past precedent and likely outcomes, helps keep dangerous greed and fear fully restrained.


Zeal Consulting  While our popular monthly and weekly newsletters reveal all our current research, thinking, and actual trades, we also offer private consulting.  Although it's certainly not cheap to divert our attention from our research, writing, and trading to focus solely on your questions and concerns, it may worth your peace of mind to retain us.  Putting our decades of market experience to work directly for you is very powerful.