At Zeal LLC we place an extremely high premium on maintaining the privacy of our clients.  We are hardcore and unapologetic privacy advocates and we believe that you honor us with a sacred trust when you do business with us.  We will always honor that on our end.
Our subscription databases are encrypted and kept on secure servers with no open Internet access.  Only a few impeccably trustworthy Zeal principals and employees with unquestionable integrity have access to your data, and then only to process your subscription.
We absolutely loathe ads and junk mail and therefore consider it our sacred duty to never, ever sell nor loan our mailing lists to any other company for any reason.  There is nothing that infuriates us more than when companies we trust suddenly put our private information up for sale.  These rogues make our blood boil!  As we consider this practice dishonorable and immoral, we will never sell your private information at Zeal.  You can count on it.
Since we hate junk mail, the only mail we will ever send you is your actual Zeal Intelligence or Zeal Speculator subscription, as well as two separate renewal notices spaced over a week or two around when your last issue is delivered.  If you choose not to renew at that time, we will not bother you again.
Your private personal information is safe with us, it will never be abused by us, and we will always honor our privacy guarantee to you and ensure it always has top priority in Zeal operations.


And to make your subscription even more secure, truly all we need from you is your name and e-mail address.  If you pay via PayPal, you can choose not to share your physical address with us.  Some subscribers just send US cash and their e-mail address via postal mail, which is just fine with us too.  All we need is a valid payment and a good e-mail address to which to send your publications.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!