While our popular weekly and monthly newsletters reveal our current research, thinking, outlook on markets, and actual trades, we also offer private consulting services.  Diverting our time away from our primary work to focus solely on your questions and concerns isn't cheap, as demand is high for our scarce supply of time.  But our undivided attention and vast knowledge applied directly to your project can get you the answers you seek.


We're very selective in accepting consulting engagements, declining the majority.  We only do consulting work that aligns closely with our areas of expertise where we can add major value for you.  These include financial-market cycles, individual-stock analysis, stock picking and portfolio design, and profitable speculation and investment.  The most common projects we consult on are evaluating investors' portfolios and holdings.


Adam Hamilton can apply his decades of experience to looking over your portfolio and making any necessary suggestions to change weightings or holdings.  Generally this averages out to one hour of billable consulting time for each stock to be evaluated.  Some companies naturally take more time to research and review, while others we're familiar with take less.  Portfolio consulting puts our expert knowledge to work directly for you.


We also consult for institutions as well as individuals.  That work typically involves strategic market timing, examinations of individual companies to help determine if they are investment-worthy, and trading-strategy optimization.  We've worked with hedge funds and asset managers to help them perfect their holdings.  In order to maintain independence in fact and appearance, we will never accept work promoting individual stocks.


We're always happy to discuss potential consulting projects, so drop us a note if you have something we might be able to help on.  But realize consulting is the least-cost-effective way to benefit from our unparalleled wisdom, knowledge, experience, and expertise.  For the cost of a couple hours of consulting time, you can subscribe to our monthly and weekly newsletters for an entire year!  But sometimes consulting is necessary.


There aren't many people in the world who've literally spent tens of thousands of hours researching markets and stocks.  There are even fewer who've realized many hundreds of profitable stock trades from it, all public and auditable through our newsletters.  And there are fewer still with that kind of elite knowledge willing to do private consulting.  So our consulting services are a rare opportunity for you to harness such expertise.


Thanks for considering hiring us, we're very grateful for your business and will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations!  All consulting inquiries and work are strictly confidential, and we delete all e-mails and shred all paper documents as soon as the engagement ends and we're paid.  And of course there is no charge for pre-consulting discussions to see if we can help find the answers you seek on your project.