"While we have a deep passion for what we do at Zeal, your praise is the highest reward that keeps us motivated.  I am deeply grateful for all who write in and graciously encourage us, hearing from you is like a drink of cool, clear water in the middle of the parched desert of market combat.  Thanks so much for your support, and for bringing so many tears of joy to my eyes." - Adam


All of the following accolades are unedited, copied and pasted out of their original e-mails as received.


I appreciate your firm's world-class service and commitment to truth in a time when the financial services industry is full of euphemism, half-truths, farce, and deception.  I say this because I work for a financial services firm myself.
Iíve been a subscriber to Zeal Intelligence for several years now and I really appreciate both its quality and value.  It is a true blessing for us average folks who cannot afford the $2000/yr price tag of some of the other investment newsletters that are offered. Thanks to your sound advice I have been able to turn $20,000 into $80,000 over the last few years and have gained back over half of the money I lost in the tech bubble.
Iíve been subscribing to your newsletter for only 5 months now ... but have easily made 40% return on your recommendations.  I subscribe to 3 other investment letters ... but yours is the best as far as specific stocks and insights into the commodity boom.  A major thanks to you all.
I sent you a $99 check in the mail for my 2006 renewal of the Zeal Intelligence report.  I made some really good 2005 profits ($20K) on silver and gold futures thanks to your excellent research.
I gave up and bought a subscription out of guilt.  I have made $50,000 using the crumbs that fall from your table.  Thanks for all the help.  I can't tell you how much your insight is worth.  I suspect it will be worth a lot more soon.
Having subscribed to probably around 50 different newsletters over the last 23 years, I have found the yours is one of my favorites and most helpful.  Thank you and God bless you.
That said, following your free advice over the net, this year I've turned a small amount into almost 10 fold gains.  I've been buying GG options and have had a 550%, 140% and the current 20 Jan 06 is almost doubled.  When I've cashed out I've put half the money into stock and the other half back into options punts.
You are a very gifted writer.  The combination of being a gifted writer, being truthful, being outspoken about the truth and being a great financial analyst is rare.
I have been meaning to send you a message just to say that I really appreciate your analysis and perspective.  I also note that you do not hesitate to make tough calls at turning points and your track record on gold and the HUI is admirable. Thanks.
While I'm at it, I'd like to sincerely thank you and your group for the timely and instructive monthly and weekly on-line newsletters.  I'm proud to say that my investing has been far more profitable since I've been reading and digesting Zeal.  I believe that Zeal analysis is truly special and beyond compare to any other investment service.  Even when my investments suffer through their inevitable correction phases, I am now better equipped to understand the nature of the investment cycle, thanks to Zeal.
Your research advice has been most helpful and paid for itself many times over.
As a recent subscriber, having just read this report, I commend you on your excellent research and commentary.  I have been watching, studying, and trading the markets for over 30 years now, and having read a voluminous number of technical analysis and other documents over the years, this report caught my eye as being particularly well thought out and eloquently communicated.  By the way, your others are as well.  Keep up the excellent work!  I appreciate your zealousness.
Thank you so much for your insights!  I find your reasoning and your writings/newsletter to be the best out there!
I have been thinking of moving some long term capital into a precious-metals mutual fund.  This weekend I looked into some of those.  Your long term picks perform way better, I will stick to them instead.  Thanks for the excellent work.
I take several letters and value yours and Richard Russell's by far the most.
I recently began subscribing to ZI and am happy to say that the level of analysis in ZI is a match to the high level of analysis in your public articles.  I also think that you've hit the right boundary between your public content and your subscriber content.  The public content is educational, and the private content helps apply that education.
You are a sensational writer and a brilliant man.  Thanks for your excellent advice.
Don't want to miss a word.  You've helped me make some GREAT trades and you have a very happy and loyal customer.
I have reviewed the numerous newsletters of various services and believe you are one of the best analyzing provider I've encountered.  Also, I am a HSLM if you know the term ... hint H. Schultz.
I am a Zeal Letter subscriber and I love your work - I find your notion of relative price to be especially insightful and useful.
I want to thank you for your essays, some of which I consider the most important I have ever read.  Especially the Long Wave Analyses, and the Deflating the Dow.  These should be mandatory teaching material at all colleges and universities!!
I rarely send emails to those I subscribe to, but I wanted to congratulate you on your phenomenal knowledge, rationality, diligence and constant work in this fascinating sector.  Your web-essays and Zeal Intelligence Newsletter provide an astonishing wealth of market wisdom, you are constantly hunting for opportunities, and you take great efforts to arm your subscribers with rare technical and fundamental indicators.
Great information at a reasonable price.  Better at analysis than 'Harry', IMHO.
I'll be blunt ... Zeal is to me (a voracious reader of this precious metal bull) the best for it's variety of insights and common sense approach.  It is a pleasure to renew.
Shortly after that humiliating experience I discovered Mr. Hamilton's essays.  I've found no one who writes as well as he does.  He is able to explain complex (to me, at least) ideas in a way that makes sense of what would otherwise be a very confusing world.  An author who consistently makes sense is someone whose ideas have merit.  I'm always trolling the internet on the lookout for his essays, not one has ever been a disappointment.  I no longer lie awake at night, chewing on the ends of my fingers, thanks to the insights I've gleaned from his writing.  I'm actually starting to enjoy this great bull!
You have helped me understand the markets at a very rapid pace, and for that I thank you.
I am a recent subscriber to ZI, and I write to say that I think it is a fantastic publication.  I now wait on every word.  It is so sensible, knowledgeable, reasoned, clear and downright valuable.  Many thanks!
Sometimes I feel like a kid on Christmas day, anxiously waiting for the first day of the month to come, so I can run down to my computer and open up the present that you've sent.
As a 35-year investor and long term subscriber to Richard Russell and others (but Richard is the best), I want to congratulate you on the May newsletter which I received (my first) ... you did an excellent report which will help your subscribers through a difficult period.  Your research in general is first class ... this is the reason I subscribed but I felt your care and concern for your subscribers in the May letter.  In your report I see a new Richard Russell ... different ... but for the times.
I realized you have an excellent balance of factual data and emotion in your articles.  You supply educated opinions and back them up with charts, graphs, dates, statements, etc.  I have really enjoyed reading through all your articles.  You kind of remind me of a professor I had who was a Harvard grad and an absolute genius.
Thanks for your brilliant technical work.  It is the best and most cogent I've ever seen on the internet.
I've been following your work for many months (years) now and am always astounded by your work and the number (supports and resistance) barriers they have indicated accurately.
I have been looking for a newsletter specializing in commodities for about a year now, your newsletter appears to be the most complete I have found yet.
I just wanted to let you know how useful I find your well researched and written articles and tutorials.  I particularly appreciate your description of your thought and analysis process which helps me learn and grow as an investor.  I recommend you to friends and acquaintances who show a real interest in learning how to invest sensibly.  If I ever had to make the decision of subscribing to just one financial NL, you would be the one.
I just sold my whole position on gold stock today.  Now gold was falling like hell, just as what Adam predicted.  It is good to get out before I get stuck.
I've only been a subscriber since November 05 but I now really appreciate the insights you provide, which have already improved my investment decisions.  Cutting through the random noise on gold has been brilliant.
Anyway, since subscribing to your material Ė alerts + newsletter - Iíve learned a lot.  I use stop losses, and all other moves you have laid out.  IT WORKS!!!  Thank you very much for your tireless work + great enthusiasm!  Iím sure you are saving a lot of people a lot of their hard earned money Ė Iím one of them!
As a new subscriber, I really appreciate the quality of the information contained in your newsletters.  I am really impressed.
Keep up the FANTASTIC work!  You are right up there with Richard Russell, Jim Rogers, and Marc Faber in your ability to use logic to interpret the markets.
Your service is highly valuable both in specific recommendations as well as in general investment philosophy!  Thank you for your quality work!
Your analysis rivals and compliments the great analysis of Richard Russell and Mike Swanson.
I wouldn't miss an issue, your newsletter is one of the very best!!
Gentlemen, I am relatively new to your newsletter but feel compelled to express my praises for the fine job you do.  It is rare to find timely, accurate, and actionable information that is presented with such interesting commentary.  Please keep up the good work and enjoy the new year.
I have enjoyed your monthly reports, even more I have enjoyed making money from them.
I've now been a subscriber for a year and this has been the best value for money for me in 2003.  I admire your productivity, your clear analysis, and excellent writing style.  I've learned an enormous amount from you in 2003 on markets, investing and trading, helping me achieve +30% overall in 2003.  May I simply say thank you ... keep up the great work.
After reading several of your articles, your intelligence, scope and breadth of knowledge of the markets hit me like a physical force.  I wish to express my admiration and thanks for sharing your knowledge in this both exciting and awe-inspiring world of trading.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you the exceptional work you and your have staff have done.  While predicting future investment scenarios are never easy, I am always stunned as to how insightful and calculated your research is.  Zeal intelligence is uncompromisingly accurate, detailed, and just plain dead on.
I'm not usually a reader ... but your writing style is like a magnet.  Thank you.
Also, please let me say that since I happened upon your essays in June, my trading has been transformed.  Your approach, areas of focus, etc. are exactly what I was struggling to work with on my own, and your work has benefited me greatly in finding my own way into the ebb and flow of the markets.
First I would like to thank and commend you for the time and effort put into the fine and informative articles you produce.  They are enlightening and aid some of the financial decisions I make.
I consider you to be one of the foremost market analysts in the world today.  Your prolific ability to analyze data and make insightful comments is inspiring, very logical and of the highest quality.
You trained me, I picked my entry/exit points.  You have given me the knowledge to be a much better contrarian.
I find this subscription to be the best value by far.
Thanks to you I'm profiting off NEM's remarkable correlation to the HUI.  This knowledge, coupled with your periodic analysis and a dose of Elliott and Cycles work, has proven quite lucrative.
First let me commend you on your excellent essays and research.  No other source offers the quality of content provided free from your website.
I have finished reading every commentary that you have ever written and I would like to say that over 50% of them are pure gems.  I have three 7" binders full of your commentaries, with highlights and notes.  It's just fantastic.
I like your honest and straightforward approach to this complex and confusing topic and enjoy your analysis, and I want to be sure I understand what you are trying to convey to us.  One of the bigger issues facing us individual investors is who to believe and who to trust.  Like many, I have subscribed to quite a few newsletter writers over the years whose advice did not turn out as prophesized with strong convictions.  No one can be right all the time, but your analysis and writings seems to give an edge to those who study what you have to say, and of course, interpret your analysis as you intend it.
I really enjoy reading your prognosis they are so carefully spelled out, you are one of the best teachers I had.
Your clarity of vision is awesome!
I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletter.  The no-nonsense, no-hype style is really a breath of fresh air.  I also appreciate the fact that you have helped me to avoid costly mistakes, rather than being blinded by greed.  Keep up the good work!
Your information and analyses are highly interesting, well-written, and most of all, profitable!  Thanks, and please keep up the good work.
My highest praise as to the quality of your analysis.  In addition to being ahead of the curve and sublimely aware of the big picture, your ability to impart your knowledge is outstanding.  You are a first rate teacher.
I must admit, your articles have proven to be so accurate as to be almost divinely inspired.
Thanks for the always amazing insight you share with us readers.  I have never given much weight to newsletter writers, but after following your articles for about 2 years, I believe yours are the most helpful.
Thank you for providing such a valuable service to the investing public.
I guess it's fair to say that I've learned far more from you than 90% of the other articles I read.  Your creativity seems to know no bounds.  Lucky for us that you are willing to share this with us over the 'Net.
Your newsletter is underpriced!  I mean that really.  You should be charging $150 or better.  I am amazed that the range in quality between analysts.  Some of them just write their weekly "go gold" column.  Yours really tells people when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.  Much more useful!
I have been reading your articles for a while now and have come to realize that you "communicate" to me about financial things in a way that no one else out there can do.  I like the way you write and put forth your ideas.  I cannot wait for Fridays to roll around so that I can read your articles.
Besides being very educational, your writing is just plain fun to read!  You are able to make even the most dismal events a joy to "behold".
Many thanks for your excellent writing and analysis.  You have helped me score big in the past, and I expect to continue to benefit from your sound thinking, analysis and counsel.
I examined your claimed returns, and note that you listed a negative result from options trading.  This is wonderfully refreshing bit of honesty I've never seen anywhere else, and it gives me confidence that the information you present is impartial and true.
Your essays are simply the most informative I have ever read.  I think I have learned more about economics by reading your stuff in the last few months than I have in my entire lifetime.  Thanks for your dedication to the truth.
I must say your site has the most informative, clearly analyzed, useful collection of essays I have encountered anywhere. I signed up for your subscription service immediately, but I actually have to tell you I think it is too inexpensive.  The valuable insights you offer for free are worth more than most of everything else I subscribe to in other places!
Just a note to say thanks for your timely advice again in your Trading the Gold-Stock Bull 3.  You were the only author I read that said to take short-term profits.  Together with your other superb calls in the first two articles of the series, your calls have been extremely prescient!  Please keep up the good work for the gold community.
Zeal's analysis is the best I've found.  Please keep up the good work.
Thank you very much for your insightful and well presented essay, Iím very grateful for this info, keep up the hard work, there are so few clear thinkers out there.
I've been reading your essays for about a year now and find them very well written and entertaining.  Every week I look at my top five favorite financial gurus and readjust them ... you are always in the top 5: 1. Warren Buffett  2. Jim Sinclair  3. Adam Hamilton  4. Charles Kindleberger  5. Richard Russell  Being number 3 is a nice Fibonacci number to be sure.
The speculator emails have been wonderful and help guide my thinking, strategy and actual trades.  This is all that I was hoping for when you mentioned it might be coming and more!
I've admired your well written cutting edge analysis.  Now your personal integrity is peerless as well, when you admit to error.
Now, I would like to offer you my fullest respect and admiration for your honesty and courage.  Nobody - and I mean nobody - else so far has had the guts to admit to a bad call!  And I've checked a host of 'net sites during the two years that I've had my net connection.  Yes, you truly are a rare and admirable person.  Thank you very much indeed for the excellent writing and lots of success!
I'm really happy to have relinked with winning operations, and I think, thanks to you, that I understand more how things are acting in the markets.
Just read your latest work.  Honest to God, I don't understand why you aren't on TV displaying this research.  Instead, what folks are getting to see is the hype artists and over-bullish crackpots.  I admire your work immensely and that is really saying something, since most analysts make me sick to my stomach.  You are such a breath of fresh air.  Thank you so much for your contribution.  What a treat it is to be a contemporary of someone so scholarly.  I hope someday I will have the great pleasure of meeting you.
You always make enormous sense and speak clearly and plainly.
Just wanted to let you know that I truly do appreciate and look forward to you Gold Eagle articles.  Everyone of them that I've had the pleasure to read so far really are very good (real interest rates, PEs, and dividend yield ... really good, basic, powerful, and important stuff).  And the way you present it really stands it out.  There really isn't anyone's articles I look forward to more. Thanks!
I enjoy Your essays faithfully.  They are written in a marvelous language and opened up the realm of economics to me; before regarded "uninteresting" by me.  THANK YOU for changing this attitude!
I like to keep things simple to understand what is going on, your wonderful charts are pictures worth 10,000 words and are a beacon of clarity in an incredibly chaotic market full of currents and counter currents and much blatant "painting of the tape".
I don't want to puff up your head, but you have been nothing short of genius!  You accurately predicted this rally, you also went out on the limb well before anyone else and predicted a 50 basis move.
I just want you to know how much I enjoy your work, how much I look forward to what you have to say each week and how much you have taught me this past year.  Investing and about life priorities.  You walk your talk.  People do notice and do care.  I was glad to see in your last newsletter how you also take your lumps when your wrong.  I like that.  Thanks and keep up the good work.
Thanks for keeping me on top of the markets.  I know that we can't always see the forest through the trees, but you help keep the path cleared and the view available to those who care to look.
I must say that you are one of the best writers I follow.  I have been reading your articles for a couple of years now, and each time I enjoy the topic, the depth of the issue covered, and your style of writing.  Keep up the great work!
I've been reading your weekly letter since Sept 01 and have learned more about the market in the last year than I've learned in the last 10 years through books and other sources.
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how very impressed I am when reading your articles.  Your writing is informative, interesting and very well put together.  With most market analysts I become bored with their articles and don't bother finishing the thing.  You on the other hand, have compelled me to link to article after article in search of more information, next thing you know I'm at a get together with friends and I sound like ... well ... YOU ... Very Informed.
The information I get at Zeal is probably the most valuable to me.  I think it really opened my eyes to the reality of the markets and how much garbage we get from most media and other information sources.
I don't know how you do it, but your method of delivery keeps getting more enjoyable as a function of time.
Thank you for your "honor and integrity"!
I have read many of your recent articles and offer my highest respect and praise.
Many people are now talking about the ZEAL essays with the very highest regard, and hope you continue to produce these essays for a very long time to come.
You always amaze us with your in depth and comprehensive analysis of the pertinent issues of the day.  As always, we're grateful for your work.
I'm a fan of your research articles at Zealllc.com since I discovered your website a few months ago.  Since then I've read most of your articles, many of them I've read many times to digest your ideas.  I just want to thank you for sharing your ideas with your fellow human beings.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your weekly newsletter.  I look forward to every Friday so I can read it.  Not only is the subject matter you write about very important to me but the way you write and explain your point of view is very intriguing also.
I was introduced to your web site by one of the clients I represent.  He raved about it and well I must do the same.  Your articles are most informative and I believe since you cover a lot of data on gold may be beneficial for my clients to review.
Words fail me when I read your poetry.  Anybody can make a sentence but few can write poetry - "that special order of words that invokes deep feelings" - much less containing critical information.
I thank you for your Friday essays.  I wish I had discovered the web site sooner, I would have saved a lot of money.
Very rarely in life do we come across a ďclear thinkerĒ.  I have been so frustrated.  I have known from the top of this market it was insanely expensive but couldnít profit from it.  My emotions always get the better of me in a trade.  I read a couple of your things just now and it is so simple.  It is the emotion that is difficult as you attest to.  But everything you say is so clear from money supply to gold, etc.
Thank you for your on-going essays at gold-eagle.com.  I have made a small fortune following much of your advice.
The cost of your newsletter, previously a questionable expense on my part, has become a pittance through application of the knowledge I have gained over the past year.
I just wanted to say thanks.  Your article on JPM a few weeks back inspired me.  I bought some puts, today I sold them at 150% profit.  I understand that you were not giving investment advice, but your commentary, helped confirm my outlook on JPM.
I'll get to the point and just say you have saved my 61-year-old mother's retirement fund from devastation.  It is your truth which has made me not let her put it into equities and save her life savings from her 20 years of working as a process worker in a factory.  Adam I am a admirer here in far away down under Australia and your knowledge extends to all ends of the earth to help people out.
All I can say is this guy has got to be one of the SMARTEST investors on planet earth ranking with Buffett and Soros.  Read his stuff and help support his organization by subscribing to the ridiculously low priced Zeal Intelligence newsletter.  No, this is not Adam speaking plugging his site, but, rather, a very gracious supporter of his advocating to you the benefits of his infinite wisdom.  This guy kicks ass!
What an excellent essay!  I have been reading your essays for a couple of years but think that this is one of the best.  Cogent and substantiated, but clear and approachable.
As a journalism major, I always appreciate reading the works of authors who can write in plain, clear and concise language that even a college graduate can understand!  Your down-to-earth style, coupled with the fact that you always have something important to say, makes reading your stuff a real pleasure!
Thanks a bunch for being willing to share your perspective with us!
Indeed you deserve the Pulitzer prize in economics, I have followed your essays and missed the devastating fall of the NASDAQ.  You helped me save precious capital that will mean very much when I reach retirement age (25 years).