Before trading stocks, investors and speculators first have to decide which stocks to trade.  This is a daunting and arduous task, as there are usually dozens or even hundreds of publicly-traded companies in any given sector.  This entire population must be meticulously researched in order to uncover the best companies with the highest potential for success.  It takes hundreds of hours of expert attention to investigate any sector's universe of stocks.  We do this at Zeal, and then summarize the fundamentals of our favorites in Zeal Reports.



We undertake this comprehensive research to find fundamentally-promising trades for ourselves and our newsletter subscribers.  These efforts yield such a treasure of fascinating and valuable information that we can't even start to fit it in our newsletters.  In order to meet the high demand for such elite research, we make it available for a nominal fee in Zeal Reports.  They serve investors and speculators looking for knowledgeable and experienced fundamental research from industry experts on high-potential-for-success companies.


Since this depth of research is so time-intensive, it must be completed well in advance of actual trading opportunities.  Then when the next great buying opportunity arrives, which are often fleeting times defined by prevailing technical and sentimental conditions, we are ready to act.  Being armed with high-quality research ahead of time means traders don't have to hesitate when the stars align.  They know exactly which companies are best fundamentally-poised to see big gains in the coming years, so they can seize buying ops immediately.


While Zeal Reports provide the fundamental foundation of what to trade, when to trade remains the mission of our monthly Zeal Intelligence and weekly Zeal Speculator subscription newsletters.  They analyze current market conditions on an ongoing basis, constantly looking for high-probability-for-success trading opportunities.  Zeal Reports feed and define our stock picks when the timing is right.  They are also invaluable for investors and speculators looking to custom-build their own individually-tailored portfolios of high-quality companies.


Zeal Reports offer extraordinary value for investors and speculators, expert sector research for a trivial price.  Our customers include countless individual investors and professional money managers worldwide.  You can get an idea of what Zeal Reports offer you from the sample profiles linked below, as well as our tours page.  Each thumbnail image below links to a large screenshot you can view directly in your web browser.  These samples are also available in downloadable PDF form.  You won't find better research anywhere, buy your report today!


We originally profiled Andean Resources in our 3/09 report when it had a market capitalization of C$555m.  This Australian gold explorer operating in Argentina made our favorites list again in our 3/10 report (shown below) when its stock was worth C$1235m.  Then in September 2010, elite gold-major Goldcorp bought it out for about C$3600m.  Andean's value in the marketplace multiplied by 6.5x in just 18 months after we initially profiled it.




Canadian gold explorer ATAC Resources was searching for gold in the Yukon Territory, but only trading at C$1.49 per share when we profiled it in our 6/10 report (shown below).  But after making a major gold discovery less than 3 months later in early September 2010, its stock rocketed up to C$7.22 for a massive 385% gain.




Canada-based Red Back Mining's West Africa gold mines were just ramping up when we first profiled it in our 11/07 report.  Its market capitalization was just C$1164m back then.  We profiled it again in our 12/08 report (shown below), when its value had grown to C$1585m.  In August 2010, major gold-miner Kinross Gold bought out the remaining 91% of RBI's shares it didn't own for C$7261m.  This is a 6.2x increase in marketplace value.




We first profiled Canadian silver-miner Silvercorp's Chinese projects in our 3/07 report before it really started mining.  It made our favorites again in our 6/09 report (shown below) after it had achieved a US AMEX listing and a $520m market cap.  By May 2010 its market cap had nearly tripled to $1482m, and it was slowly becoming a new market-darling.  This growing silver miner offering great China exposure is featured on our tours page.